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The moon has a significant place in every Vietnamese life.

Traditionally, we follow the lunar calendar and celebrate 2 main events in the year which are Lunar New Year (Tet) and the Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon festival (Tet Trung Thu).

Every month we become vegetarian, having no-mercy on New Moon and Full Moon days, opening new stores or businesses on lucky days, baking mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon festival which is for lunar appreciation and moon watching, when mooncakes are regarded as an indispensable delicacy.

We named ourselves "La Luna” is to show our respect for tradition that we do everything based on the Lunar Calendar.

Hoi An is one of Vietnam’s most historically significant and beautiful port cities in Vietnam — and Hoi An was chosen to be the number one holiday destination in the world in 2019. The UNESCO-protected “Ancient Town.” This colorful port city has matured gracefully with protecting its culture and tradition as well as evolving with tourism and beyond. — but a new golden era is just beginning. We are proud to be part of this town.

It’s not just a treatment, it’s a discovery.

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Discover Vietnamese High Tea

Vietnamese Authentic Seasonal Snack Experience

La Luna supports local artisans to prevent beautiful traditions from fading away.



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Hoi An

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