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La Luna's Celebration

90/120 minutes

Let’s celebrate your body, give yourself a treat through the best combination of palm massage, acupressure, cracking and using the elbow to reach deep tissue.

This is a La Luna signature treatment, designed to evoke deep relaxation.

USD 36/42


60/90/120 minutes

Realign the connection between body, mind and soul

by gentle soothing massage technique.

Our therapist will focus on un-knotting any muscles, soothe aches, and encourage skin to glow.

This is suitable for after long flights, helps you relax​ and sleep better. 

USD 26/33/39


90/120 minutes

Reawaken your senses by the gentle hot stone sensation.​ ​This is a full-body oil massage with a combination of palms and using hot stones to help melt away muscle tension, ease stress.

USD 33/39


90/120 minutes

Inspire and activate all your senses with herbal aroma. A full body massage using warm herbal balls helps ​boost emotional well-being while soothing aching muscles and stiff joints.

USD 33/39


90/120 minutes

The beauty of a perfect combination of Vietnamese palm massage and cupping invigorating movements to warm and relax muscle tissue. This full-body treatment incorporates pressure point techniques as well as heated glass cupping technique to lift connective tissue and improve overall blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.

USD 33/39


45 minutes

Complete revitalization aid with exfoliation and moisturization.     Our homemade body scrub made with natural local ingredients helps exfoliate your skin, removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells and leaving your skin softer and smoother. Our wrap made with lavender whitening cream and fresh milk keeps your body moist and healthy.

USD 20


60/90 minutes

Expecting a new life soon?​ Let us assist you and the baby to relax with gentle massage treatment.

Pure coconut oil will be used for sensitive mom-to-be.

USD 32/39


30/60 minutes

It's holiday! Why not experience the same like mom and dad?

Light massage for the young ones.

We use pure coconut oil for children under 15 years old.

USD 25/32


60/90/120 minutes

Coming Soon!



30/60 minutes

This is a foot massage that involves the application of pressure to reflex points on the feet helping to restore the body to a healthy balance.

USD 18/23


60 minutes

Stimulate rejuvenation of facial skin by deep cleansing and apply nutrition. Our natural facial products are suitable for all skin types, ​ facial cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion and can help your skin glow.

USD 23


60/90 minutes

Coming Soon!


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